Escape game à domicile

Expériences virtuelles Escape Game et chasses au trésor
Ré Label Animation, a reference in animation for more than 30 seasons, offers you its ESCAPES GAME. Description

The only animation that combines: treasure hunting, geolocation, augmented virtual reality and the Escape Game. Incredible games to discover the Réthais territory! La Rochelle and more...
Possibility to play from the Tourist Offices of the Ile de Ré, La Rochelle, from the place of your choice or from your home. Interactive, immersive and original games, exclusive to the Ile de Ré.

OPERATION MINDFALL (14 years and older)

The story: Today we need your help, the world is in danger! A criminal organisation, SPIDER-TECH, has recreated a virus with the aim of controlling all humans and making it the most powerful weapon ever conceived. They have released a dangerous virus into the drinking water system. There is little time left before the virus is activated worldwide.

In order to carry out this mission, you have just joined the global secret agent organisation WISE, which entrusts its best agents with the mission to save the world!

Thanks to our high-tech tablets, our secret agent suitcase and the clues distilled by LAURA, our WISE liaison agent, you will have to find the GPS points where the clues are located, you will have to foil the traps set by SPIDER-TECH and build an ANTI-VIRUS. Before it's too late, find the enemy base and put an end to this new threat. TRUST NO ONE ...

"THE PEGASUS PROJECT" escapes games that can be played outdoors, indoors or at home!

Indeed, stay at home and play with your friends to save the world. We propose you to play on computer and phone able to connect to internet for the team. Indeed, form a team of up to 6 people with your friends/family confined to their homes on the Ile de Ré or La Rochelle.

ESCAPE GAME delivered to your home. With the Covid19 crisis, I have organised myself to deliver my escapes games to your home at a privileged rate! All hygienic conditions are of course respected before, during and after delivery. I come to your place and bring you the necessary material to save the world (a pack containing Ipad and various objects). From 5 years old, children can have fun accompanied by a parent of course. Possible elf invasion in your living room or creation of an anti-virus !

The only truly multi-player Escapes Games ideal for team building, birthdays, bachelorette parties, etc...

Play in complete safety because we have put in place health safety protocols: mask, social distancing, hydroalcoholic solution available and cleaning of equipment before and after.

From 01/12/2022 to 31/12/2023, daily.

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