La Couardaise course nature familiale

Compétition sportive
The APE La Couarde sur Mer organizes for its 1st edition, a family race on the commune of La Couarde, with several courses.

Number collection from 7.30 am.

- The " folle couardaise " : 7 km nature race between woods, beach and back beach open to 20 years old (born in 2003) and more.
Timed race.
Start at 9.00 am (a refreshment point halfway through the race)
- The "mini couardaise": a short 800-metre loop between the beach and the woods, open to children aged 7 and over (born between 2014 and 2016)
Parents and accompanying adults are welcome for a family race! Start: 11:00 am from the Peu Ragot esplanade
- La petite couardaise": a short family race of about 1.8 km between the beach and the back beach, open to everyone from 10 years old (born in 2013)
Parents and companions welcome for a family race!
Timed race.
Start: 11:45 am

Information: 06 49 93 57 82 /
REGISTRATION (until 30 March):

Sunday 2 April 2023
Opening hours on Sunday at 9 am.


Free access.

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