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A land of history and heritage

The village of Ars-en-Ré is a true jewel of the Ile-de-Ré architecture in the heart of the salt marshes. It has an incomparable historical heritage. Among these must-sees is the church of Saint-Etienne, built in Romanesque and Gothic styles in the 7th century, and its famous black and white bell tower, which rises to over 40 meters.
A must-see in the village is the Sénéchal's house, on rue Gambetta. With its corbelled corner turret, its busts, its blason, you won't be able to miss it, and it will take you back to the Renaissance period.
And you can't leave Ars-en-Ré without stopping at the village's harbor. Once a simple harbor for grounding, it was enlarged with the development of the salt trade in order to accommodate commercial ships coming from abroad.
You can still see a shipbuilding yard and salt works, where salt was stored before being sold.

Experiences in Ars-en-Ré : in the heart of the village

This village is the perfect place for lovers of calm and nature, where the key word could be "dolce vita". And what better way to do this than to get lost in the middle of its white houses with green shutters, and to marvel at the alleys of the village, so typical of the Ile de Ré, where you will be able to contemplate the acanthus flowers, the hollyhocks, or the immortals…
After having taken the time to… take your time! If you haven't already done so, a stop at the Saint-Etienne Church and its famous black and white bell tower is a must.
Once your visit is over, head to the village market, one of the most famous on the island, where you will find plenty of local specialties to fill your basket.
For a successful experience in Ars-en-Ré: leave with the best products and settle on the harbor, not far from the village, to savor them.
After a stroll in the heart of the village, you can ride to the village's mills. Of the 17 mills that were once used to grind wheat, only 5 remain today. They are easily spotted in the landscape by their height and the roundness of their tower. A must-see!

Activities in Ars-en-Ré : by the sea.

As you may have realized, the best way to visit the heart of the village is on foot. But for the rest: it's by bike!
The bicycle paths starting from Ars-en-Ré invite you to discover the fascinating world of the salt marshes and the 60 passionate salt farmers who have been cultivating them for over a thousand years. They also take you to the beaches of La Conche, the Phare des Baleines, or the Îlot des Niges, a natural reserve that shelters a rich biodiversity, both plant and animal, where more than 30,000 migratory birds come to rest.
To end your day, there is nothing better than watching the sunset on the beach of the Pointe de Grignon, or going to taste oysters in oyster huts, with a breathtaking view of the salt marshes

There are so many activities and experiences in Ars-en-Ré. Which one will be yours?

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Experiences and activities in Ars-en-Ré, a village of stone and water