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A village with many faces

Between marshes, forests and a long sandy beach, Saint-Clément-des-Baleines, the northern village of the island, is dominated by the famous Phare des Baleines. This lighthouse was named after the whales that used to come ashore at the northern tip of the island.
The village promises you a change of scenery, relaxation and serenity, ideal to recharge your batteries.

Experiences in Saint-Clément-des-Baleines : the unmissable things to do by bike

As for every village, for a successful experience in Saint-Clément-des-Baleines, you should go by bike!
You can start your ride in the south of the village, through the forest of the Combe à l'eau, which borders the village and go in the direction of the Plage de la Côte Sauvage, where you can learn to fishing on foot. Put down your bike for a moment to enjoy a walk along the sea, with the sound of the waves. After your ride, you can get back on your bike and ride to the heart of the village to awaken your taste buds at the market.
A gourmet stopover to discover the local products and enjoy a moment of conviviality between local people and tourists. Nearby, on the church square, you will find the parish church, dating from 1842 and which perfectly combines neoclassical and neogothic styles.
After discovering the center of the village and its beautiful flowered alleys, you can get back on your bike and ride to the top of the island. As you ride along the roads, you will see on your right the salt marshes, one of the island's treasures that will not fail to amaze you.
On your way to the top of the Ile de Ré, you will pass by the Moulins de Saint-Clément-des-Baleines, rue du Moulin Victoire and rue du Phare; the Pyramide des Chaumes, 4 meters high; the Écluse de la moufette, chemin du Pas du Nord; or the lifeboat shelter (we recommend it to admire the sunset!).

For a successful experience in Saint-Clément-des-Baleines, you should then go to the famous Phare des Baleines, built in 1825 to allow all sailors approaching the coast of the island to see a light wherever they are.
It is one of the highest lighthouses in France, 57 meters high, with 257 steps to climb to discover a 360 degree panorama. It's a lot of steps to climb, but the view is worth it!

Next to the lighthouse, you will find the Vieille Tour des Baleines and its museum, built in 1669 and 1682 by order of Vauban, with 112 steps and 27 meters high; the Phare des Baleineaux, 4 km off shore; with the Sémaphore des Baleines.

And after the effort comes the comfort!
As you continue along the road to Les Portes-en-Ré, you will discover the beach of the Conche des Baleines, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Ile de Ré, bordered by the Lizay forest. After this long and beautiful walk, you can relax, enjoy a well-deserved swim and water activities.

Activités à Saint-clément-des-baleines : au cœur de la nature

Entouré de marais, de plages de sable fin et de forêts, vous n’aurez pas le temps de vous ennuyer !
Après avoir gravi les 257 marches du Phare des Baleines et admiré la vue à couper le souffle sur l’île et les pertuis, baladez-vous sur la digue de la Plage de la Côte Sauvage et admirez le spectacle de la grande marée, partagez un pique-nique dans le jardin du « Petit Clos », pratiquez la pêche à pied en famille sur la côte sauvage, émerveillez-vous devant les paysages des marais salants, profitez des activités nautiques et assistez au retour à l’océan des tortues marines, plage de la Conche des Baleines (ça n’a lieu qu’une fois dans l’année !). Pour terminer, contemplez le coucher du soleil au pied du Phare des Baleines.

There are so many activities and experiences in Saint-Clément-des-Baleines. Which one will be yours ?

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Experiences and activities in Saint-Clément-des-Baleines, the observatory on the world