What to see on the Ile de Ré ? Our must-sees! With its kilometers of beach and the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, the Ile de Ré is the ideal place to learn or improve in a water sport! The weather conditions, the plethora of courses, lessons, or equipment rental, and the presence of a real community of passionate people make the island a real paradise for surfing and board sports!

Surfing, kiteboarding, jet skiing, windsurfing… which water sports can I practice on the Ile de Ré ?

The presence of many qualified professionals, the diversity of reefs and wind exposure, and the flat calm of the salt marshes makes it possible to practice a multitude of water sports on the Ile de Ré!

Discover the nature of the island by the sea!

Paddle dans les marais
©Yann Werdefroy

By paddle, kayak, or canoe; alone, in pairs or even in a group on an XL paddle; discover the fauna and flora of the salt marshes by paddling! The 800 hectares of the Fier d'Ars will offer you exceptional landscapes and calm!

If you wish to paddle outside the Fier and take the open sea, go to the north side of the island, where the beaches are the calmest. The most gifted will be able to try some tricks !

Surfing in all its forms!

Kite surf
©Yann Werdefroy

Thanks to the numerous surfing schools and its associated disciplines, learn in complete safety and progress at a glance! Weekly courses, group lessons, private lessons: choose the format that suits you!

Once you've got the hang of it, find the board that suits you and hit the waves! Are you hesitating at the idea of jumping into the deep end? No room for a board? Renting is for you

At full speed!

Whether it's on a jet ski, a towed buoy, or a wake surf, let yourself be carried along, go fast, and enjoy the thrill of the Atlantic! You prefer to stay on the sand? Embark on your sand yacht and sail down the foreshore at full speed!

Hoist the small or large sail!

Pushed by the strong winds of the big blue see, keep your balance and ride the waves at full speed on a windsurfer! On a catamaran or a dinghy, become the skipper or captain of your ship and stay on course!

Where to find the best surf spots on the Ile de Ré ?

You recently developed a taste for waves or you take your board out at the slightest opportunity: you will have no trouble finding a spot adapted to your level on the island! Moreover, thanks to the temperate climate, and with the right equipment (wetsuit, gloves and hoods if needed for the most chilly), these spots are easily accessible from March to September. Some could even take off their wetsuit during the summer! The rest of the year, the most daring will have the ocean all to themselves!

Plage Sud - Rivedoux-Plage
A part of the beach is dedicated to the practice of board sports, and many kite-surfers meet there!

Les Grenettes - Sainte-Marie-de-Ré
The ideal spot for beginners, since the rocky reef makes the waves quite low. If you have to pay attention to the bathers before attacking the waves, it is also the ideal place for a beginner to observe the most experienced artists and ask them for precious advices!

Les Gouillauds and Gros Jonc - Bois-Plage-en-Ré
Practicable at high tide, the waves are relatively gentle!

La Pergola - La Couarde-sur-Mer
There are small waves that break and form beautiful rollers.

La pointe du Grignon - Ars-en-Ré
It is a spot for experienced surfers! Only practicable at high tide because of the rocks, this spot is perfectly exposed to the wind!

• Le Lizay, le Petit Bec, and la Loge - Les Portes-en-Ré
3 spots for the price of one! They are located on the North-West coast of the island. The waves are powerful and reserved for experienced surfers!

You know everything: all you have to do is choose a spot and jump in the water!